Matthew 17:20 … for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as A GRAIN OF MUSTARD SEED, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Have you ever been at a place in your life when you thought you were on the verge of a breakthrough, and things could only get better for you?  But suddenly things got worse?  You lost your job; your car broke down, even worse your car got repossessed; your marriage fell apart, seemed like everything around you was failing.

Then you say out loud “Ok, if one more thing happens, I am going to snap”.  Then guess what, you got it; all hell breaks loose in your life.  It always gets darker before it gets brighter.  Have you been there?  Are you there now?  Do you need a breakthrough?  Do you need something raised from the dead?  Well, put a grain of faith on it, and watch what happens.

There are some of you on the verge of giving up even as I write this message.  In your hearts you may be thinking that your marriage is dead, your business is dead; your finances are dead; your job is dead, or even your ministry is dead.  Someone is thinking what’s the use, God doesn’t care about me anymore; “What am I doing all this for?”

How do you know that today is not your day of breakthrough?  Your blessing is not dead; your miracle is not dead, and your vision is not dead.  It is waiting for you to wake it up!!  Your blessing is sleeping; it’s lying dormant.  It’s waiting for you to put a grain of faith on it.  It is waiting for you to season it with faith, to spice it up with the everlasting Word of God.



In your times of hopelessness and despair, do you ever feel there’s no more hope?  As the darkness begins to close in on you, do find yourself not able to cope?

When life gives you nothing but pain, do you feel you are alone?
When you think about your future, do you fear all hope has gone?

There is someone who really cares, and You’ll find Him standing by.  With arms stretched out to you, He hears your every cry.

He wants to hold you in His arms, He sees your fears and doubt.  He’ll fill you with His joy and love, and never cast you out.

So reach out right now to Jesus, and give Him complete control
He’ll remove your heavy burden, His touch will make you whole.

About Shearon Hurst

I've been in the ministry for over 20 years. My writing ministry has been blessing people on the internet for over 10 years with words of encouragement which I send out to strengthen and comfort those in their walk with the Lord. I can easily speak on the subject of letting go, let God and get on with your life so you can move on a higher level. Having dealt with abuse, abandonment, rejection, and disappointment; I overcame the odds against me and pressed my way forward as the Spirit of the Lord led me into a more glorious path. I have a passion for the heart of women, and can minister to the wounded and broken hearted. I can speak to married women having been there and done that... to the single again women being there. My plethora of life experiences gives value to my desire to share and help others. My love for the Lord is what drives me to take a leap of faith and lean on God’s infinite wisdom, because I know with Christ nothing is impossible.
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