I know it’s hard being where you are right now. Everything within you is screaming, “Enough already. I cannot do this anymore. When can I move on from here?” My child, can you honestly admit that you are ready to move on? Is your heart filled with thanksgiving? Do you want Me to answer that for you?  You have yet to embrace where I have you; and until you can, you won’t be able to move on to the next level.

As I have told you before, everything that you go through as a purpose, and there is a purpose for where you are. You say to Me that you are grateful for what I have done in your life. However, your actions do not reflect the heart of one filled with gratitude.

Let Me remind you of another time when you were seeking Me for a breakthrough to a situation that held you captive.  After a season of praying about what you were going through; one day, you woke up and said, “Lord, nevertheless, not My will; Thy will be done. I just want to please you.” Immediately after you said those words, things fell into place. Strongholds were destroyed. The chains that held you bound were broken by a heart filled with thanksgiving for Me. All you wanted was to please Me, and nothing else mattered. Can you say you are in that same place now?

Yes, I know you want a change to happen right now. However, until you can accept where I have you; and embrace what I am doing in your life, things will remain the same. I want you to desire Me, more than you desire what is in My hand. Do this, and watch things change.  Embrace where you are with your heart filled with thanksgiving, you will be amazed once more at what I will do.

I know what you are going through is difficult.  However, learning to be thankful opened closed doors before, and it will do it again.  Embracing My love and giving Me thanks will cause My peace to saturate your soul and open the storehouse of Heaven. That’s all it takes; just embracing My love and where I have you.

Read and Meditate on His Word
Jer. 29:11, Php. 4:11, 1Ti. 6:8, Heb. 6:14-15; 13:5


About Shearon Hurst

I've been in the ministry for over 20 years. My writing ministry has been blessing people on the internet for over 10 years with words of encouragement which I send out to strengthen and comfort those in their walk with the Lord. I can easily speak on the subject of letting go, let God and get on with your life so you can move on a higher level. Having dealt with abuse, abandonment, rejection, and disappointment; I overcame the odds against me and pressed my way forward as the Spirit of the Lord led me into a more glorious path. I have a passion for the heart of women, and can minister to the wounded and broken hearted. I can speak to married women having been there and done that... to the single again women being there. My plethora of life experiences gives value to my desire to share and help others. My love for the Lord is what drives me to take a leap of faith and lean on God’s infinite wisdom, because I know with Christ nothing is impossible.
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