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Inspired by the Lord to write this devotional during my prayer and meditation time; these words of encouragement will minister to the “weary warriors,” “those with broken spirits” and the “despondent pursuers,” who are seeking after God’s heart, and want to know Him in a more intimate way. These words from the Father’s heart will encourage and comfort you as you battle through your valley days. If your faith is dwindling, and sometimes you find it difficult to keep looking up, then you have found the right book. 

The words of encouragement will minister to your spirit and give you strength to press your way. If your spirit is restless, all you have to do is spend some time meditating in these pages, listening to His voice, and He will bring peace into your spirit. If you find yourself going through a valley season, stop right where you are and begin to praise the Lord, for the things He is doing in you that are yet to be revealed. The Lord loves you and He will be there to see you through your darkest hour. 

This devotional journal will help you build a closer relationship with the Lord. The words of encouragement, are filled with compassion and love, and will remind us that the Lord is listening, and He cares about even our smallest need. The words will provide the strength, and comfort needed to enable you to stand and resist the attacks of the enemy. As you read through the daily words, take some time to meditate on what you’ve read, then listen carefully to what the  Holy  Spirit  shares  with  you.  Write  down  your  thoughts,  prayers,  or whatever impressions you receive from the Holy Spirit, so when it comes to pass you will remember the day the Lord spoke a word in your life. Use this devotional, not only as a source to receive a word from the Lord, but also as an Instrument for you to talk with the Lord regarding what you’re going through each day.



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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon Review

By Paulette

For years Min. Hurst online devotions got me through some rough times and also good times. The encouragement received through her devotions “always” pushed me to a place in God through worship. To have these experiences at my fingertips through this book is a constant reminder to be still and know that He is GOD. Min Hurst’s writings come from the heart of God and ministers to your spirit. You will never leave a devotion without an assurance of knowing who God is. Thank you Shearon for this treasure!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome! Amazon Review

By Angie

I couldn’t stop reading this book of encouraging words. This life-applicable spirit-led devotional has truly ministered to my soul and spirit. I can relate something on every page to what I went through or am currently experiencing, and this book is bringing me through a breakthrough and setting me free from bondages. I am using this book as my daily prayer devotional along with my Bible in my quiet times while soaking the presence of the Lord. Thank you, Sister Shearon. Angie


Sister Shearon

I love what you’ve done heretaking verses and adding your heart to them. I couldn’t stop reading them because I was so hungry for what you had to say, and the words seem to minister to what I was going through. Your words were like a healing balm to my hurting heart when I read them today.

Your love for the Lord shines in your encouraging, uplifting and inspiring words. You have my prayers that the Lord will continue to minister through you so that many will be blessed.



Shearon: Thank you for sharing these powerful, and wonderful devotions. Any Christian new to Christ or those who have walked with him day by day for years, can use these prayers/devotions to help them with their journey. It is wonderful how you added the Scripture references, so each reader can follow along, with God’s word. Many Stars from me, and I am adding you to my bookshelf. May God Guide you Through the Storm. Gary B. Roy /Authonomy


Wow, such powerful words! God has surely blessed you in the area of prayer. Some of your words had a poetic feel to them. I think this is beautiful, and I could see myself reading it in my quiet time for strength in Him.

In one of your sections, I liked the focus on the spiritual realm and how there is a whole other aspect, larger than our own lives going on as we live on this Earth. We get so focused on ourselves, when there is a much bigger purpose.

I love how you took so many of God’s truths and turned them into personal words to us. I think it is refreshing to hear it in this way. It reads like the Psalms, building up the heart. I think most of us can identify with hardship and difficulties of all different levels, and your book covers a myriad of them. How precious is God’s love and what he can do for us. I really enjoyed reading this and have such hope for it on and off the site! – Kara – A Gate Called Beautiful


Problem, promise and provision. Were you in my church last week listening to the same sermon? What a great “to the point guide” for anyone looking for straight forward answers from the Good Book to apply to their daily lives. Well laid out with plenty of Scripture references so the reader can look it up and digest it for themselves. I’m impressed, and that takes some doing! Chapter 4 was my favorite, about worry, anxiousness and Shalom (peace). Excellent work for the Lord and us, thank you. Peter B. – “The Bible I Thought I Knew


SmilesShearon–how beautiful. I love what you’ve done heretaking verses and adding your heart to them. It’s a wonderful gift for all that love our Savior. New to the journey or well along the way, this is such a treasure.   God bless, Linda


Shearon: Your words were like a healing balm to my hurting heart when I read them today. It is truly beyond me how any person can live this life without the Lord and the comfort and love He offers through His Word, His Holy Spirit and through special people like you. You are an amazing servant and a beautiful Christian. Your love for the Lord shines in your comforting, encouraging, uplifting and inspiring words. Thank you.

I’m offering you no suggestions for your writing, I’m afraid. I was so in need of your comforting words that I didn’t pause long enough to think about any need for improvement. But I think you’ve a book here that will help and guide and touch the heart of many, many people. I admire your knowledge
of scripture and your clear insights. Your format: verse, discussion, prayer confession takes the reader full circle from seeking God by reading His words, to studying and gaining more insight through your discussion, to returning to seek God through prayer. A perfect circle!

And a perfect circle made in your devotions by ending with the admonishment to “let not your heart be worried.” I couldn’t stop reading them because I was so hungry for what you had to say. You have my prayers and best wishes, Shaeron, for the publication of your lovely devotional book and, when it’s published, I would really like to purchase a copy.

Blessings, Patricia Laster – Free to be Me


This is lovely and I like the way you can read for different challenges one may be having. You are right on target with our devotion of the Lord not being a drive by, put in your order and drive out, like fast food church.  Blessings Roslyn

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